I'm @herrea's favorite evil little Decepticon. My hobbies include biting, clawing and terrorizing any human I encounter. All hail Megatron!

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All this packing is wearing my ass out. I need a nap

I think I've been tricked. Grrrr

Nothing like some dirty laundry

Ready to go see Transformers 3 w/ a couple Decepticon buds. What's that? I'm not allowed? Bollocks!

The human has these. I wonder if they are as the real thing

Been so busy watching all the #GTE3, #WWDC & #NASATweetup coverage all day. I need a god damn nap

Since everyone keeps leaving me, I think I'm going to pout in the closet

Everyone is gone. Where did they go? They left me :(

I am the night...

Time to wake up & feed me!

Damn these blinds are tricky

Damn these blinds are tricky

Gods damn I love me some meat wrapped in other meat. Om nom nom

Go away. I'm trying to get some damn sleep

Step aside bitches, let me do my thing

Cozy in bed and ready for some sleep

Humans should sleep more like me. Then they would be less annoying

What's up bitches?

Time for a nap with the inflatable sheep. It was a gift from . Don't judge

God damn I love ham!

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