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Sci-fi enthusiast, Sarah Connor devotee and general fandom nerd with a penchant for laughter.

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My spooky pumpkin.

I got the shirt w/the circle design. And yes, stickers came w/it.

While MrRoxy sleeps, I've prepared him a nutritious lunch.

I'm flying today, but it's ok. I've got coping skills.

Meanwhile, on a North Carolina highway...

Hey, who turned out the lights? #doctorwho #DragonCon

I'm just a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill and I'm standing here with R2-D2 Bender. #DragonCon

The doctor is in. #peanuts #DragonCon

Favorite costume today (so far): AWESOME-O. #southpark #DragonCon

Alex 7000 made an appearance at the Lindsay Wagner panel. #DragonCon

Oh hey, it's the Bionic Woman & Six Million Dollar Man! #DragonCon

TARDIS puppet show. #DragonCon

Moisturize me, moisturize me. #DoctorWho #DragonCon

My favorite costume of the night: Han Solo Cup. #DragonCon

Thursday night at the Walk of Fame. #DragonCon

Thursday night at the Pulse. #DragonCon

Farmer Ted. #DragonCon

Test fitting my rubber skin (knee highs w/the toe cut off) & bionic chip (a sticker). #DragonCon

Just have to iron on the Bionic Woman patch to finish the shirt for my costume. #DragonCon

Testing my bionic strength.