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Mind. Blown! Incredible talent @wellapro #tva Trend Vision Awards

Mind. Blown! Incredible talent #tva Trend Vision Awards

Suffice it to say, my children won't be learning to spell at your school. Thanks all the same.

I have a lot of experience with looks of hatred and derision from my own

Eh... What IS this ?!

Creepy chocolate bunny army in

There's a little bird making a nest in the garden. I wonder should I warn it about Coileán?

from now on I'm gonna nap when Coileán does, ie all the time.

Great brows (weird face)! Thanks !

The new Nike Frees are sliiiiiiick. Keep having to remind myself my feet like extra support. #stepaway

Love this blinding yellow on L'Or! #Cleryscatwalk

Love this lace two-piece from the #Cleryscatwalk

I already got it - was hoping you bitches would just forget?

Adventures in Photoshop featuring in #chinchin

Yay! Got my mitts on 's swan print bomber, but £59 does not = €89, kids!

Chicks be like...

that was pretty much it!

I'd say you can consider that promise fulfilled!


Good news for Galway swimmers – Lydia, the 2,200lb Great White shark has changed course and is headed back west.

Today's bizarre photocall award? Hands down, and #hot