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The most awesome person you will ever meet. Part time lover, Full time liar! check out the film im working on

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On set

check out what I made during my politcal sci class. Lol

Sitting at school listening to music waiting for my class to start in an hour #lifeofacollegestudent #parking_sucks_here

I see the funniest ppl at work. This chick in stilletos and track pants. Watching her walk dwn stairs #priceless

Looking up pics of while I'm at work! Libraries are a lil boring! #jackson_is-hot

on the back of my work ID card. Hopefully I don't get fired! Haha #so_worth_it_tho

My baby starts school tomorrow. This is her first lunch box ever! Aww *tear*

": I like this trend #TylerPostAPicInYourBoxers"

here's a sneak peak at some of the set design of the film short I'm shooting today. Lol ;)

And I'm awesome! #allfixed

Front door knob is coming off. Watch me fix this ish! ;)

Drinking my sangria on a watercooler, hiding from a rat on the deck. save me babe! #scared :(

"See mom we have lots of $" me:"but that's ur $ baby." Kk:"u can have it, kids don't need $"aw she's so sweet. #kidsrule

The set of #LureMeAway

On the set of #LureMeAway . I brought with me. <3

Who knew would turn out to be such a stud when he grew up! #swoon! <3

Mmm. Ever since tweeted about sushi I've been craving some. Safeway will have to do for my purchase 2day!

On set of #LureMeAway

My favs. Mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket. #yum

Just noticed I got academic honors last semester. #awesome

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