Raymundo Javier


I'm a Rapper/Singer/Model , I hoop for Duke #11, Comedian, Hustla, Baby sitter, Trap star, Professional C-Walker, photographer!

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RT : Was Taking Shots Straight Out The Bottle. I Know He Was Lit Last Night.<<

Ciroc cupcakes for the #JingleJam S/o for the creations get at her

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh lmaooooo 

I told you lol

Make sure y'all make it out to Toy drive and view party!

This a Real person right here my heart goes out to her 

Lol ok maybe I exaggerated I ment my male friends tho but I was at yo party with Beer! 

Look at this license plate I jus saw lmfao you can see what it says but it has the date they applied for a new plate 

RT : Aye these Manny Pacquiao pictures are toooo funny lol<<< Mannn this one had me crying


LMFAO the Manny shit Has to stop

I miss my cat man

The games with Manny MUST END 

RT : You see it St. Paul Central 63 Vs Minneapolis North 25 What the< this our team tho 

I mean this is north basketball team now did we really stand a chance?

RT : I wanna go to a holiday party! <<

y'all letting jose eat the league?

Another one in the books for my bro

Man we was so ga damn ugly outside the club last night