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For longer races I use Racefood. It’s awesome.

For & … I found the pic I took when I was at Long Street Pool. #bargain

Yep Buycott is awesome! I love it. Not completely reliable though. Look here:

The #BBC making you’re we’re all well-informed about the situation in #Gaza #breakingnews #GazaUnderAttack

Don’t think I’m gonna even bother setting the first one. It doesn’t work. Snooze galore every single morning…

#4sq wants me to download another app to checkin from now onwards? Huh uh then you can maar keep your checkins!

NNOOOO. I'm still busy :(

Wow, this shake & bake pancake in a bottle mix nogal makes awesome light & fluffy #glutenfree pancakes! #nomnom

LOL. It's looking good for next week's Celtics race. I might run or cycle there and do the 8km.

Lol shame. In that case have a look at Second Skins. Not sure what the top is called but it looks like this:

So near, yet so far. LOL. #almostpayday

Hehehe. Yes yes I still owe you! But I must admit this came mostly from a packet.

I just checked the weather report earlier for UWC day. Scares the crap out of me

Ok. Noted. I will turn a blind eye this time.

I couldn't find anything on cyber security. Here's the Smart grid conference topics

Look what I found!

I finally get to use an actual #4sq special :) #winning

2 hours left of shift. Well, at least the last few hours weren't boring. #keepingthelightson

Be careful when you fly , especially with that beard now! "Teacher arrested at JFK"...