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I've not found the occasion to give a farewell kiss on your hand i wish i could see you again i know that i can't i hope you can hear me because i remember clearly the day you left was the day i found out that it would not be the same thing ...

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"Childhood's dedicated to Little Craig Fleming and his surviving brother, Michael, For Whom the scholarship fund to be created to Ensure That his childhood inaugurate the future of all possibilities. Love, MJ" ~~ #MichaelJackson

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Friendship's sharing
secrets, emotions, understanding is, is fun
is to rely on someone whenever you need! is to have something
in common, and not have nαdα in common, is to miss,
is given preference, is hitting a ciuminho!
friendship is friendship never ends, even if we
grow, even if others appear in
our way!
because friendship is not explained,
it just happens! I HATE YOU u.u ;p

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We miss yaa Ric ❤

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"It's not a journey, every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you're. My luck, my fate, my fortune."

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Michael always plays (literally) in the heart of a child who will grow up and take his legacy to another generation and another and another #mjimortal #onlyking

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Believe it or not, Stefan, some girls dont need to be persuaded by me. Some girls cant resist my good looks, my style, my charm and my amazing ability to listen to Taylor Swift ... #DamonSalvatore

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No one resists the charms of our Captain EO :)

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R.I.P Amanda Todd.Fifteen year old Amanda Todd was found dead,she committed suicide on Wednesday October 10th 2012 due to being bullied.Please everyone that bullying isn’t a joke.

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6 years & 6 months with Michael, so little time, Michael will always be with you Blanket, my sweet *w* ♥

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the dream of 10 in every 10 fans

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I on the computer ...

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When you're in my thoughts ... I'm sure many fans feel like me: yesterday a friend asked me how i can be so passionate about a "guy" who has since died, and i never even knew existed. Well, i answered him that i find much more understanding and love this guy already died (for him) than many people who live daily with me. People who spend days and hours with me and not play so perfectly how i feel like each one of Michael's songs. I dont hold to the fact that Michael never know who i'm, by the beauty and magic of being a fan of Michael Jackson's mainly feel that even not knowing my name every word he sang or spoke came straight from his heart to me and for each of us fans. And thats something that nobody will understand ... no use trying to explain. He didnt know existed Lara, Mary, John the .. but he knew it existed the ITS fans, he knew there were many lives his life connected ... a bond that goes beyond the physical ... a connection that is made by the soul. That kind of bond that time and distance does not undo never separated or will separate.
Call me crazy or what they think fits best in my profile insane ... but let me just live my love for someone who only made ​​me well: #MichaelJackson

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Is it that nobody understands? He just wanted to show your child the fans,he never would drop from above,he would not kill his own son. u.ú

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It’s so beautiful to see him take care of children as well,so tender you miss Michael.

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I find u,in the most beautiful melody of the song.the wind blows ur name,the cold brings loneliness.I find u,not only in thought,but in the perfect dream ... ♥

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I know the beginning, middle and end of all my dreams,dreams of a child unable to contain that i love you,i have spoken are all fruits of my feelings for you ♥

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"I started doing this with Bad. Scrosese Martin directed the short film in the subways of New York. I let the music tell me what to do. I remember him talking," This was a 'take' great. I want you to see. "Then we saw the scene, and we were amazed, didnt realize what you have done. But then everybody started to do, even Madonna did.But it's not sexual at all." - Michael Jackson

(on her foot was known, such as those that "get down")

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“Michael liked to draw and paint, his favorite characters were Charlie Chaplin & Mickey Mouse,his sketches adorned a wall of his room in our house.” - #KatherineJackson

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