Jasmine McKenzie


Summed up eloquently by Matt Leblanc in the seminal classic Lost in Space, And the monkey flips the switch. Also, I'm the Accountant with the Octopus Tattoo.

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Cowboy Squirrel riding a Rattlesnake - You need this!

Saw this and thought of and

Go home, Dalek! You're drunk! cc:

ALIEN baby facehugger! Must get one for my own spawn gestating inside me. cc:

"It's the one that says Bad Motherfucker."

Happy Samhain, sinners!

Admiral Ackbar jack o'lantern. Friend for Admiral Snackbar?

Here's a new ultrasound image of what I'm a host to until late April 2013. Tails are good, right?

I typically get the worst of the multi EW covers. Not this time! #TheWalkingDead

Shameful workplace cat is shameful. :o) cc:

Bringing you the funny wherever I find it, yo.

Some cute baby sloth photobombing to right the sadness.

Douglas Adams was right about everything.

Seriously, don't dick this up for everyone who hasn't seen The Dark Knight Rises, and won't for a couple weeks.

So this totally made my weekend! Thanks :o)

RE: Googly Eye Army - Friend o' mine found googly eyes @ her fave bar, did this w/them.

Any relation to the Card Kingdom in Akihabara, Tokyo? :o)

Celebrating Purim Spidey style. Who knew Spider-Man was Jewish?

Words With Friends essentially told me that these were not the tiles I was looking for. I'm getting !!