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ready? El 4 de julio llega la marea smiler a ;))


Tenemos que hacer que estrene 'Morning Sun' de Rock Mafia y Miley Cyrus! :) 4 julio

Cuanta mas gente ayude mejor!!

how was your bday? Did you enjoy it? Here's a screen shot of the TT ;)

your brazilian fans love you! We tried to make it global but we couldn't

Portada oficial del mixtape de , disponible el 4 de julio! :)

4th of July, such an important day!! Mixtape!! 7.4.2012

My new mobile wallpaper! Do you know who are they?

200k followers!! YAY

Look who has 200k followers!!! ;)))

Stefano Is On A Roll On iTunes is TT!! So proud of you ;)

sii! Yo ahora estoy muy feliz con mi single de CBT recién comprado, tengo el disco...

My new cd single of "Friends" by and !! ;)

I have took twitter profile picture to my my mobile #LoveIt!! ;)

2day Ive worn my lucky shirt and Ive made my best history exam ever! :)


congratulations! You on the tt again! Glad to belong to this huge family

this is a picture of me and my friends celebrating carnival right now :)

"Rock Mafia Remix", this 3 worlds make a song better ;)

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