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Trimmed and slimmed, fresh from the salon! I went with the 'Ellen' on top (the Rachael is SO 5 years ago)

I am getting my hair cut at the moment. In the meantime enjoy this photo dad took this am. (note: the tongue)

Just learned a new trick: Magic Missing Limb.

Dad left my kennel open all day and I was good!! No puddles!

Holy Hound! It is snowing like a mutha out here!

Kept dad up all night barking at the 17 cats at aunt Corky's house. Now I'm tuckered.

Exploring around Great Grandma's farm.

Boring! Love that my bed's here though.

Zzzzz ... Bark! Zzzzzzx


Road trips are fun. Love peeing at Rest Stops.

No ones touching this until Heroes is over.

It's like spring again! Morning folks...

Good night tweeps.

... Finally getting home safe and sound and snuggling in my pillow: Free - er, priceless.

Greenie dog treat: $1.00. Riding around in the car with my crazy dad: About $3.00..

It was really hard getting out of bed this am.

Yay! More snow for me to get in trouble in.

Holy Cow! It's colder than Judge Judy out here!

Spring Snow! Nature can be so fickle in Colorado.