If love is a sin, live a lie, you and me until I die.

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Time to make lots of Lost gifs


Took me 3 hiurs. And i still have to write it in pen, rub out the pencil and make it more colourful.

I set my poster out like trenches bc im a creative poop

if my history teacher ever speaks about gas again i'll probs burst out laughing now bc of this

Doing my history hw. So i have learned that gas kills you because of its 'gassyness' #best

And gaga replied with this

Someone posted this on little monsters

ikr it was awks to watch. I know you sent me a text lol

Omfg someone commented this on a gif set with Sayid in it screaming bey

Look at those notes oh yeah everyone loves my Lost gifs yeah

*taps taylor* *waves*

new youtube *throws up*

Where i want to live in NY there is a sephora 3 minutes away

My life is better than yours

what does vf-n stand for tho

Srsly this is took me ages and got like 5 noted not fair i think its fab

Aw all the monsters wearing mint caps to the side for MTN

no im healthy eating