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Went in space shuttle Endeavour for a last look at #OV105 powered on. Feature next week on

Enterprise mated overnight to SCA for 4/23 NY flight, weather permitting. Photo: for #ov101

Demating ops now underway at Dulles in preparation for delivering Discovery to the in the morning. #ov103

At Udvar-Hazy workers are readying the hangar doors for #OV101 and #OV103. Opening for vertical stabilizer now open.

Hazy view of Discovery waiting demating tonight as seen from Udvar-Hazy's Engen observation tower. #ov103

Found in shop, mission patch for shuttle Discovery's arrival /Enterprise's departure:

Here's and brother Lance on #RoseParade float (screen caps via ):

Here's and brother Lance on #RoseParade float (screen caps via ):

Teaser for many more photos to come... space shuttle Atlantis' flight deck. #ov104

NASA astronaut/education chief Leland Melvin () and () at Kennedy Space Center press site

Full scale diagram of NASA/Lockheed Orion MPCV inside O&C high bay at Kennedy Space Center.

Space Shuttle Progrumkin. #spacekincarvathon

At Dewberry Farm, host to 1 of 7 NASA "Space Farm" corn mazes. Here's astronaut Reid Wiseman with the maze behind him.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden looks inside the Orion MPCV crew trainer under development at Johnson Space Center.

At Johnson Space Center to see NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden tour the Orion MPCV crew training mockup.

Excaliber Almaz's twice-flown capsule; was manned on orbit as part of Soviet Almaz space station.

Director Mike Coats and Apollo moonwalker Charlie Duke cut the cake for Johnson Space Center's 50th:

#apollo13tweetup "Apollo 13" movie memorabilia, including prop badge and pen.

#apollo13tweetup "Apollo 13" movie memorabilia, including prop badge and pen.

T-38 flyover at Johnson Space Center shuttle celebration. #salutetoshuttle