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There is no charge for awesomeness. Or attractiveness. Everything else will cost you though. #PHP #BayArea #NerdHerd #SugarCRM

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It was a little cold out tonight. Ain't care, wanted meat.

My three older girls in a tree at Niles park.

Not sure how I feel about Starbuck's new logo. There's definitely a part of me that likes it.

Step 1: Go to Trader Joe's. Step 2: Buy as much of this as you can.

"I do not believe in cookies as large and four dimensional as these." - Sarah Gonzalez

Something is going down in Fremont. Just watched all of these responders tearing down Fremont Blvd.

It's too early for a happy new year so we're gonna have a grumpy new year instead.

OMG! OMG! Santa totally came to our house!

Me and my sister.

Sarah, Rebekah and I at my sister's house for Christmas Eve festivities.

My nephew and I.

The packed house at Neighborhood Community Church. We were an hour early, too.

And the cookies were as big as their heads.

I see you... you sweet, delicious cookie you.

I'm pretty sure next to Disneyland Starbucks is Annah's happiest place on earth.

Come! Feast your eyes on the amazingness of my handy work!

All I can say is "Wrestlefest. Is. ON!" #ilovetimewithmykids

Holy crap! Is that Manute Bol? At Walmart?

AJ: "FINALLY I FOUND IT! Dad, I NEED this giant Lego head for Christmas!"

Annah: "That's just disturbing. Santa's supposed to be fat, not buffed."