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I keep wishing I could think of a way to show them they don't own me. That Im more than just a piece in their games...Tennis account is @NoleLisickiFan #NoleFam

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Did anyone know this?!

Is it sad I was more surprised he was a four time all star?

#23K tweet goes out to graduating college. Toughest thing I've ever done.

Y'all ever done so bad in something you got a P?

I mean seriously?! On an evaluation form?!

Doge favorited my tweet. #LifeMade #LoveDoge

Extremely offended. #Sabres

Best job ever? In the heading it said "sense of humor required"

How do you put Geno and EJ on the same card as RG3 and Luck

These are the kind of discussion question responses you get from me at 4 AM. #CatDog #OnlineClasses

No surprise here. 3 seeds ALWAYS lose in the first round.

Oh. I was out after the first game yesterday. A little late for this.

Best thing I've ever seen.

Followed this car today and all I could think of was that if the middle D wasn't there it would spell doge.

Is there anything worse than when Oreos are cracked?

Update on the records the #Broncos are chasing. Four broken in first half.

Update on records #Broncos are chasing today:

...And the games on TV tomorrow include: Jets-Fins, Bills-Pats, Panthers-Falcons, and no Broncos

My textbook used sarcasm!