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Thanks to for tagging this pic of my latest cover (World Physique) on my FB page. First time i've seen the actual magazine.

Have Porsche hired a deigned from Tonka Toys to design all their new models? Should Porsche have built an SUV?

Just found this old pic of me and John Travolta... Funny who you meet out and about around Hollywood!

Another pic from video shoot for Sky TV last week in London with martial artist, Marco Mastrorocco

Probaby my best every condition, backstage at a contest in London. Weight was about 176lbs back then.

An old shot from when I entered a bodybuilding show 4 years ago. Not huge, but measured at 2.8% bf.

Here's a better shot of the pool and view of Barcelona.

Behind the scenes from my swimwear shoot in Spain last week. The pool/view was amazing.

Another shot taken during the filming for Sky TV last week in London, showing part of my training & conditioning.

A sneak peak from my combat training filming for Sky TV showing my improvement since last year.

Finally, a non-carbonated, low sugared Rockstar!

And still with 8 weeks to go.. I'll be at my best ever condition!

Heres what I have as a breakfast "treat" after a photoshoot. It's not bad food, but as for portion size??

Turns out the lifts at heathrow have pretty good lighting as I sneak a peak on the way to Spain for a shoot

End of my 3-day carb deplete before loading for the next 2 days tomorrow. Plus im still 9 weeks out from competing in the WBFF

Final low carb day (only 40g) before carb loading tomorrow & mon. Mackarel is a great source of omega 3 fats. Essential when low carbs

Part of my 4-page article in this months Inside Fitness Magazine titled: Office Geek to Greek God Chic

One of the best post-workout meals: whey, honey, and baby food.

Variety of proteins before gym workout. Hydrolyzed whey, isolate whey, and pea protein:

Fast & Effective post-workout meal. hydro-whey w/ pure orange juice. 5g Glutamine, 3g L-Luecine. Plus power bar 20mins later