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Damn. You HAD to show up.

Damn. You HAD to show up.

I'm excited to be able to buy LP's. In Mexico is difficult to find the type of music I like in vinyl. Today's bounty:

I'm no hippy but somehow I ended up doing something for the preservation of turtles.

Caution! User is sending DM's for phishing, linking to a site pretending to be . Be careful

This IS the lobby from The Shinning:

One of my personal circles of hell:

I'm 32 fucking years old, and just before going out A FUCKING PIMPLE BESIDE THE NOSE! Damn.

Here in Mexico we are a little clueless about PC. Is this racist?:

Apropos of confused cat (last one and I'm sorry dudes):

Inconfusable cat refuses to be confused:

Bad day at self defense (against vicious fruits) class.

What every modern doctor can't prescind:

How can I be sure I deserve this most wonderful of women? I provide my own dragon:

I mean, no one can say John Cleese was not an idiot himself.

The images NASA show about solar explosions remind me of Donald Trump's hair.

Someone sent me a pic of the wedding I attended last week and I'm making such an embarrassing duck face! Cameras a cruel

H. O. T.

My cousin... Right side
Am I going to hell or what?

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