Steve Marriott


Software Engineer and Instructor at Big Nerd Ranch. Founder of [Objective Precision:Inc] ; Driver of the incredible Chevy Volt.

Photos and Videos by @RndPrecision

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I think would love to drive this :

would dig this accelerate framework talk by Jeff Biggus
There will be math :) #360iDev

Half the room at #360iDev opening session :

A guilty pleasure that tastes so good

right on. Try to sell this one for me. I’ll take any offer above $1 :)

congrats on the new Chevy Volt! You picked a great color. I love my white one too :

: Beat that Chevy #volt

OK :

sometimes less is more. I bet our Volts out-accelerate your diesel.

is wrong about the #ChevyVolt
Mine goes the distance :

Q: How far can a #ChevyVolt go between gas fill-ups?

A: Very Far. (Bought this tank May 15th) :

1,493 MPG (plus ~$45 of electricity) so far on this tank of gas in my :

FeltBoard is a hit in Japan.

Little one decorated my suitcase for a far east trip

Thanks for the very cool book I received yesterday. I love it! #ChevyVolt

you forgot to mention they are fast too #ChevyVolt

For the curious, that 1240 miles took $40.23 of electricity in addition to the 0.6 gallons of gas. #ChevyVolt

2068 MPG so far on this tank of gas in my #ChevyVolt

doesn’t bother me. I’m not a liberal. I’m a proud Volt owner who gets a thrill every time I drive it.

yes, the Volt will drive 100 MPH and I drive mine like it’s stolen. I’m not the one holding up traffic

My Porsche-driving friend suggested these. So I got new decals for my Chevy Volt :

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