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Thanks for the partial-headlines-that-sound-like-one-story, WGN Morning News.

Yes, this is actually still in my camera roll. #IfMyPhoneGotHacked

One final note, creepy guy from the #DoctorWho screening: the Jenna Coleman pic you tried to get was already online.

"Uncanny valley" reference. Perfect. #RiffTraxLive

Pre-show slides before #RifftraxLive feature better writing than a Dean Devlin script.

This has never happened: my status bar shifted to the right. fucked up my iPhone.

I was feeling weepy even before I dug these out and realized I don't have a way to play them. #RIPRobinWilliams

Yeah, I didn't think I'd find any help for what I'm considering. #EatMás

Go for the pre-show slides. Stay for the Riffing. #RifftraxLive #Sharknado

So this is about to happen. Oh yes. #RiffTraxLive #Sharknado

Please tell me this is just someone who watched #TheLeftovers screwing around today.

Yeah, well, in order to download my iTunes copy I PRETTY MUCH HAD TO, didn't I? #BlowMeUltraViolet

This wouldn't be such a sad day if he'd manned up at the opera. #HappyFathersDay

Dug this out of the basement to refresh my memory. #DaysofFuturePast #snikt

I figured out who reminds me of in that pic: RDJ in Weird Science doing this.

There’s no right way to read Battlepug by , but having a real pug on your lap is recommended.

I wanted to tell Mark Bagley I’ve loved his work for decades, but he was busy making more of it. #C2E2

Chatted with heckuva nice guy and amazing Daredevil artist .

There’s the line to see Carl and another one for where he actually is. #C2E2 #TheWalkingDead

Kids touching a monster snake is more bloodcurdling to me than the last ten horror movies I’ve seen. #C2E2