Daniel Earwicker


Basically a nerdy show-off. Work: http://bit.ly/OlIcaw Play: http://bit.ly/5G21bs (thanks to @BrendanAshbrook for avatar design!)

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Windows 8 bus stuck outside my workplace - driver can't find start button? #jokes #levity

Star Wars merch - has Disney gone too far?

Great repository names are short and memorable...

Sitcom idea: 'My Two Fleeces'

But can we trust this Captain Cereal? Captain of what?

Oh god...

Actual Rickenbacker in small music shop window! Never seen one before

Very scottish #scottishness

Curse this obscure foreign tongue, whatever could it mean?!

Speechless with joy, currently groovin' on Pepper side 2 #beatlesvinyl

Got the best T-shirt ever for my birthday, just sayin'... haters BACK OFF

Why aren't these called "Squillionaires", eh,

My complaint to the BBC re: Fist of Fun DVD cuts

Worth trying? #collage

Never mind "Frannels", what the hell is "Jew Choc"? #foundshoppinglist

Actual British video game advert from 'Your Computer' October 1983

Also great taste in books!

Interesting object behind dad's sofa http://bit.ly/X9z2DI

Wherever evil lurks, whenever people are in danger, there is...

No you're not, you're running in a VM #pretentiouswindows

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