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Linkedin says my profile was in the top 5% most viewed. Really?! Is this some kind of "new math"? http://bit.ly/YTXFVq

eSolia engineer BT passed his CompTIA A+ exam. Good job and congrats!

Did you know the Internet just turned 30? Mr. Vint Cerf surely does: http://bit.ly/109M49B

Cutting edge HTML5 app visualizing some Radiohead Idioteque. See demo link at bottom of this post: http://bit.ly/106XP0q

Happy New Year, everyone! The postcard shows some things I was into over the past year. May your 2013 be grand!

Whoa, is truly a next-generation technology! Very Minority Report. https://leapmotion.com

eSolia's longest-term employee and process lead, Ena Ishikawa. Thank you Ena, for your many years of excellent service!

Christmas Morning in Japan, and what do I find in the post box, but my DCI 2012 Blu-ray! Nice timing, ! http://bit.ly/Vs5NbI

Assign a fixed public IP to your production Amazon EC2 instance using the "elastic IP" feature: http://bit.ly/RduM6j #geeky

Where's the kaboom?!

Yubikey w/ OneTime on Mac, works well for Google 2-Step Auth. http://bit.ly/YmRQ5W http://bit.ly/YmRYSQ

Ordered JuiceBuddy iPhone charger in June, card was charged, and it just arrived 6 mo later. Diff design & color! http://bit.ly/WnJMgV

These Google search tip infographics have info which is good to know for anyone, not just students.

These Google search tip infographics have info which is good to know for anyone, not just students.

Our Zono passed his A+ exam. Congrats!

Clear infographic style explanation of the Fiscal Cliff. Worth a look. http://bit.ly/Y3p7CR

Huge impact on our lives & businesses. Bar code inventor Norman Joseph Woodland dies at 91. Rest in peace. http://usat.ly/Xojs5s

Google Maps is back on iOS, thankfully, so we can get some relief with accurate locations in Tokyo. http://onforb.es/Xo2aW7

Kiyomizu temple priest chooses the kanji best representing 2012 as "kin" or gold, from the olympic gold medals. http://bit.ly/XUoLyx

Elegant, simple photo sharing & backup with . Use the coupon D9CDF9CA and get 10% off. http://www.dphoto.com

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