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Happy new year fuckknuckles.

Smith and Burrows gig.

Dry ice in our wine. Yes, this is a pretentious pub full of wankers.

Me, Gazza and Greavsie. Two THFC legends and an overexcited boy.

Blurry photo of me with Gazza and Greavsie. Better to follow!

The tourists around Trafalgar Square have never had so many people to ask for directions. #30 #protest #strike

All this for some public sector workers? #protest

Bit excessive... #protest

I love my dad, but he bought me this mug & so my colleagues all think I read the Daily Fail. #6music


Low flying police chopper hovering over Buckingham Palace.

Keith from the Office. Hair and beard are darker than the photo shows & he is better when chewing.

I love you Brett.

Amazing. Gonna get me one of these.

Ropey photo of Patrick Wolf.


It's a gig, in an Oxfam shop.

My favourite photo I took today.

Rafa and Clive Allen dancing. #spurs #coys

Rafa is back and warming up at half time. #spurs

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