Wordt gelukkig van muziek, reizen naar het buitenland & avonden die je 't liefst nog 'n keer wilt beleven. C'est la vie, ma chérie. Vivre et laisser vivre.

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sending my favourite #Everlast guys some love from Amsterdam today! xx

it's a beautiful dog! They're our best friends! <3 My little friend sticks with me when I'm studying! :) x

took this pic of last week in Paradiso! Isn't that light awesome?! x

omg have u seen t nieuwe blauwe bord? U G L Y

I've had a very busy day at work today! ;) x

you were awesome! Love u guys! x

your luck helped, haha! Got 93% correct! Yay! :D Much love to u! Xx

Dit is toch een vreemde krantenkop? Of ben ik de enige met die mening..

got the shirt! I like the sticker! :) and tomorrow I'll have a happy friend! ;) thanks emperor xD

These are so funny! xD

look what I just found.. A movie review I had 2 write in high school! U'll never guess which movie it was!

Guess what I just bought! French grammar book! I'm gonna start practicing again! :)

look what I just ran into in Holland! :)

Cinema Sandwich in Amsterdam with :)

Guess what I'm reading now at Starbucks! xD

Two pics with him! :) (Got A LOT more than two, haha!)

Two pics with him! :) (Got A LOT more than two, haha!)

Yayy! I could FINALLY order it here in Holland! <3

Hahaha hippe televisie vanavond! #roberttenbrink

I took a pic w/ my new Everlast shirt yesterday! Let me know what u think! It's @ Kinderdijk, Holland!