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DC movies on Warner TV! Tonight 21:00 - #Batman, 23:30 - #Batman Returns. More for the weekend below! (cc )

HAHAHA APPA your face I'm sorry I really can't. #GLTAS

"Walk out and see the world", w/ . <3

And this. JOHN H. DOYLE. Stop denying it. IT'S SEEPING OUT.

So disaat ngebajak BBM gue bajakannya adalah yg paling creatively entertaining dalam sejarah dibajak :'

Worldwide, as always. #CovertCorps

OH LOOK #ThePirates! Band of Misfits DVD, 69,000 IDR. #DavidTennant #MartinFreeman

OH have you guys seen this. My A levels + SBMPTN schedule, all 17 + 5 papers in total. LOL OKAY. *cracks knuckles*

Hawt shirts. <3 #WonderWoman #Hawkwoman


#LOTR LEGO I found earlier. One mill IDR. Hahahahaha.

Visimedia's #SherlockHolmes: Valley of Fear. Notably lacking their usual RDJ cover lolol.

Visimedia's #SherlockHolmes: Sign of Four. Creative title translation there.

Oh look Atonement VCD for 20,000 IDR only.

*grabby hands* #JamesBond #007

Ahaha random #Batman cut-outs from grandma. :'] <3

YAY 's mail is here - it's a cute #Sherlock pocket calendar and a lovely letter! LOVE YOU ANNE <3 xx

Yesterday Sarah & gave a surprise!English fruit cake, lately delivered for my 18th. Tastes HEAVENLY w/ tea.

A sketch of #SherlockHolmes made by a friend for a belated bday present, isn't he nice. Thanks dearest! x

"So... Three years of this misery, without each other. What have you both been doing?" "..." "..." #Sherlock