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The Coca-Cola Corporation used a custom version of HP FOCAL called COKE, implemented on PDP-7/9, PDP-11, PDP-12, PDP-5 and LINC-8 Computers.

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De mooie zijde van het gebouw "Rozet" in volle resolutie. Iets wat je met Twitter app niet kunt uploaden. Probeer het

♬ 'Survivor' - Robert Cray ♪ An oldie but a goody ! Playing a Nero AAC+ track at only 24 kbps at Burger King Arnhem

Thanks for liking 1 of my pictures on Instagram 1 month ago. Follow, amaze me with more awesome photos.

Papagayenhof, Arnhem Netherlands. #anaglyph 3D Stereo. People put a lot of effort into the shopping-area. 

Train station #Velp GLD, #Netherlands. We dnt rlly hear the noise & feel the rumble. the connection makes it valuable.

Watched, "Marauder", DVD 3 from the "STARSHIP TROOPERS" box. Amazing they hang military personnel not patriotic enough.

Guess #electronic #DIGITAL #clocks do not like 24 Hour Format after 1-1-13. Check your VCR Display? Wow, all of them !!

1 little improvement ovr #iOS 6.1 is more lines in the Notification Center. Guess #Apple dnt think that 100% through.

Happy New Year . Smells good to be a little thinner. New Fragrances do think so! 

We have ths store chain in Holland that reaches 5 star level in model photographs. Makes me think of U.

RT I am listening to: "Ich Will" by #Rammstein on iOS6.2. At #Fitness Center #F4F #Arnhem, Netherlands.

#US #Senate #Congress
Is the deal in the water? Impressions on canvas.
Used Pixlr Pro for the vintage & grungy look.

Photogenic by design.

Lots of water on the #ISS 2 recycle. Thank GOD they got spacesuits.

Awesome choice, using one myself as wallpaper. My Christmas was never better Thanks To You! 

RT "You R rethinking sum of yr most basic strategies as U t..." rt! i'm ovr 16. Adult & rational. R U?

♬ 'Go Shoppin with Dionne Daniels' - Bran Van 3000 ♪

#AAPL Stock (#Apple) has a lower opening. ths is a new BUY option 4 U 2 consider. Eventually it will be more then $700

What is going on out there ?