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Yay! Thanks ! going long today with the pros.

Here, my profile: http://www.librarything.com/profile/Reysbro Now reading this: #DFW

We take home security seriously round these parts

You had me at "funny".

The electricity company charges about $50 to come and replace one of these: I got a pack of 20 for $10 and D.I.M.

Bicycle seat wet again? No problem, grab a diaper! #cycling #tip

are you aware of these: the holes in them make them much more inviting to various sauces...mmm


10 years on, and my Gary Fisher rides like new. Wish I could say the same for its owner...

Who said said money can't buy happiness?

My customary post #tacx meal: Been having lots of those lately!

This No Fear t-shirt features the voodoo version of :

Note to self: holding a paper plate while cutting its contents with a serrated knife may cause stitches.

Some action on the street with a couple of fire trucks and an ambulance: shame the kids are already asleep.

And then all of the sudden she starts drawing; Gaia's first spider:

She did a house: somewhat like ours.

Had some fun with G at the wood workshop today:

that's so inconsiderate. Here's a banana:

It's been years since I found myself outside at 5:30 am waiting for a group ride pickup.

The matrix carpet at #GoogleTLV office all I could think of was #ingress passcodes.

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