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yep this is the cyberonica armor I drew 4 aqw but obv I changed it to df #TwitPict

an npc to your story/storyline aftermath. I was thinking Dage continued in comments :p #TwitPict

sneeeeeeeeaaaaaakkkk #TwitPict

the work which I have been doing for the past week hope you guys like it #TwitPict

Gahhh so hard to draw by laptop mouse soo yeaa didnt keep my promise bout the snaek

Ehh been working on this hipe u like it its like 15% complete

Fml my laptop screen broke ....

my new avatar :p

  • 2024 days ago via site
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Finally finished making my gundam

dragon tamer armor once again dedicated to hope you guys like it...

  • 2032 days ago via site
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This is dedicated to DL_Eonaleth Moglin O' Mancer <3, this armor was made for her passion on making moglins look epic. ps : don't mind the heads on the arms they arnt alive... :p

  • 2033 days ago via site
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here is the final but not animated concept of the gatekeeper upgrade thinking of calling it shades of anarchy, dage if you can, could you possible help me to flash this armor for me, just let me know thx

  • 2034 days ago via site
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my soon to be new upgraded version of the gatekeeper armor .... this time I was thinking that the gatekeeper manages to harvest enough souls of any living things, thus due to that he forms a body but of course is not complete, thats what I will do if i were to have my own map/quest; this is just a draft like a rly sketchy version of the concept.

  • 2034 days ago via site
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Improved axe of the host once again in draft..... sorry host i dont think i can finish it by today.... I've got to practice for my test tmr and i went out the whole day.. I managed to redo the axe though hope you like it.

  • 2101 days ago via site
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Back Breaker armor dedicated to Outlaw13th... i would have to say i am pleased with the result.

  • 2102 days ago via site
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a draft of my axe that was requested by horsehost note its just a draft things might look different XD

  • 2103 days ago via site
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Finished with my wep 2nd time i did weps, the star thing is suppose to go clockwise and anti clockwise

  • 2108 days ago via site
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armor of forst lightning :S

  • 2109 days ago via site
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Project Cerberus this time with the finished shadowing and the helm enjoy :D

  • 2121 days ago via site
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Project cerberus finally done hope u like it :)
this is the no helm version

  • 2122 days ago via site
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