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What a feast!


End of Revelations- Auxillary Bazooka.

"Destruction is inevitable to create a change" ~The Deputy a.k.a Revontheus

ANIMATION: http://bill-james.deviantart.com/art/End-of-RevelationsANIMATED-378862688?ga_submit_new=10%253A1371566616

Also check out the physical counterpart, The Birth of Revelations: http://twitpic.com/cwn8bj
For #Epicduel

oh and please...
FAME ME HERE: http://epicduel.artix.com/charpage.asp?id=The%20Deputy

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FROM ASHES WE RISE AND TO ASHES WE FALL! Introducing The Birth of Revelations.

(Physical Auxillary Bazooka).

Working on the animations >.< YES! who knew I could animate?!

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A WIP of the Aux of Revelations for #EPICDUEL

A rough sketch of an OC for something special.


An auxiliary bazooka concept for #Epicduel

Follow the ways of the ancient shoguns in #Oversoul! Through the ashes they rise to battle once more!

Through the ground breaking sounds of thunder and the howling of the cold dark winds, emerges a Sleipnir from the midst of the stormy sky. Legends foretold that a man, adorned in a clad of golden to near heavenly-white armor can be seen riding this triumphant steed during a cold, wild and menacing storm.

Sleipnir- Apprentice Form

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If you're wondering what's holding me back...now you know. It's still a WIP of a school project I'm doing.

Introducing the Blut Lust Weapon set! These weapons thirst for blood...whether be it human, moglin, dragon and even fiends!



#OVERSOUL #Dragonfable

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A WIP of the Blut Lust items for Dragonfable!

Here's a link for an animated preview of the sword: http://megaswf.com/s/2583639

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A little sneak peak of my Blut Lust set which I'm making for #DragonFable! Did a bit of animating for the sword :D

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At a rugby union match: Waratahs vs Stormers!

Introducing Rainbowtheus! This is a FREE and LIMITED (Won't be available for long) character which will be available if I win and come in 1st place this photo competition: http://contestcentral.com/contest/photo_contest/0/383
So hurry! Contest ends in May 20!


I'll be vomiting rainbows... Onward to Poison Drake!

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Gentleman 2013 will come...in time...in time...

Lady and Gentlesouls...introducing the master evolution of <Insert guess which character this evolves from>. Yeah #HugsFromRev if you get it right.


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Do keep in mind, poor souls that when you wander into the depths of the Overworld Asylum, that darkness and its goons lurk around you. Without fear, without emotions, they show no mercy, no thought and no desire...to bring and end to pain. They are eminently shells of what use to be the hazy past of the Asylum's history, what made them who they are today is a unknown to this very day. Legends foretold that the doctors of the Asylum believed that their employees, would be best if they were one with their patients- to place themselves in the patient's shoes. They believe that the nurses should be given the priviledge and joys of experiencing the psychological traumas and difficulties which the patients were experiencing. Out of the many dark nurses of the Asylum, there is a prominent one, known to take a form of a disfigured beast. This nurse was known to be the main restrainer of the patients. Many claimed that he has arms the size of tree trunks and arms which held the power to crush boulders and bones of ogres. Unfortunately this pityful creature's name was long lost during the accident of the Asylum...but many claimed that he was in fact, the kind and loving nurse known as Brutus.

"DO YOU EVEN LIFT?!"- Brutus

Haha! I hope you guys enjoyed that short story which I wrote to go along with Brutus. I'll be putting the asylum characters to a halt for awhile as I have to focus on rank-ups but not to worry, it won't be long.

I honestly, do love making (and writing) these Asylum themed characters. After all theres so much secrets behind the Overworld Asylum, most of all it leaves you with questions to 'What really happened to the peaceful past of the asylum?'

Anyways, yes unfortunately, these new asylum themed characters will be coming along during the release of #Oversoul's Grand Quest (Its a BIG BIG BIG Quest full of new characters, stories and what not), but don't worry, the Grand Quest will be near once we roll in more features such as CC (Card Customization).

Have a lovely day everyone and stay tuned for more previews...


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A work in progress of a Promo pic of #Oversoul... I still have to make: and but yeah I have different priorities right now so it might take awhile :P Enjoy Rev.

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