An artist in training, trying to find his own style. Epicduel Artist.

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Scientia potentia est! Especially with Lionhart's Knowledge! #EDArt #EPICDUEL

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For you BHs and CHs: RIP and SHREAD your enemies with Lionhart's CARNAGE! #EDArt #EPICDUEL

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I don't usually make weapons but when I do...Come at me ... Your move!

Aphrodite's Woe (physical)
Aphrodite's Grace (Energy)


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Grooving with the god of mischief!

Rev for #EPICDUEL new hairstylist!

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Listen to this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSKxTqDvsas

Introducing Epicduel's new android barber (who also sells weapons, bikes, and armors) Rev :D

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A selfy of me and #Loki :D #ThorDarkWorld #Marvel

Resonance preview...not sure if she's creepy or funny.

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Listen to this song while you look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0UJk4EUzB0

Revenant...lost...forgotten...empty beings whom cries brings giants to their knees. This being, although resembling the form of a revenant, seems to resemble the once great guardian angel of forgotten world of De'Lumier. Not much of the De'Lumier is known. Some consider it a legend, others a fairytale...

Rev is back baby!

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My first 'painting' in photoshop. With a tablet. There's lots to do to improve :3 PS: I had to do something quick so yeah... I thought an eye would do best. I hope I improve >.<

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I changed Rev's old new hairstyle to this. The old new hairstyles with the sunnies will be sold somewhere in my FA shop :P

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:O Yes...Rev is VERY different.

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More WIP of my new Personal (For AQW)... I've always wanted to be a fashion model/actor teehee!

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Concept Armor for AQWorlds (maybe OS)...if I ever get a featured artist shop...so yeah RT: #RevForFeaturedArtist

Concept Armor (Dream Crusher) for AQWorlds [maybe OS] if I ever get a featured artist shop... #RevForFeaturedArtist :P

A sketch of one of my favourite actors, ! He played Jor-El, father of Kal-El from Man of Steel.

Z p

Remember dat WIP of a painting of my grandfather? Well yea...I'm done :D

Who knew that the white witch of Narnia was in the fashion industry...


A sketch of my eyes. Pencil on paper.