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Freethinker, Non-Believer, Nurse, Extreme Ironer, Fat Guy, Dr. of Forbidden Science, Rev. of Sub-Genius. Hanging with Carmen Sandiego while looking for Wally.

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Trident Hot & Spicy Thai noodles. The best 2 min noodles around. Hopefully the spice will help clear my sinuses.

My daughter's grandfather bought this toy. Anyone else creeped out?

The latest addition to my zombie apocalypse arsenal, courtesy of .

I guess this means my time is up. #LogansRun

did you see my latest eBay find?

A beacon of awesome in the middle of a crappy day.

The battle begins. The battle of Monty the python vs. The thawed, dead rat.

Time to feed the snake.

Chicken stew and buttered toast for dinner. Epic.

2 pairs of glasses, although I have 20/20 vision. Guess I'm an operating theatres #hipster.

I don't follow #MKR, but I do occasionally twitpic my dinner. Fish and veggies.

It's wet and miserable outside so we are having a pyjama day today.

Mind = Blown. #TheWalkingDead #BigBangTheory

War were declared. #TheWalkingDead season 3, episode 10

Too true.

Finished hanging out the clothes, look up and saw this. #surroundingsfail #oblivious.

Cwanky-Butt sick girl enjoys a brownie.

Coffee break. De-quip and relax.