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A7x, supernatural, firearms, star wars, warcraft~ @xsecondstar is my beautiful munchkin

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because he's attractive and id like his cute ass in my bed

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this may be a better picture of my webcam is fucked

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and one of the sides...well both sides are pretty much the same anyways n_n

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sorry about the blurriness. my webacam is shit. le front!

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they may be extremely handsome.....but they are no match for han solo

naww marks a cutie :3 BUT LUKE SKYWALKER WILL SLAY HIM

Finished! Just gotta let them cool and then I shall ice them!

My orange and blue swirl vanilla cupcake mix.....i just like to cook them....i dont eat the stuff I cook idea why

new haircut :3

Pretty sure any beatles fan would disembowel me if they saw this

D'you know how loved I feel? :'3

Sitting inside wondering if I could fit inside that dog house.....hmmmmmmm

Mah poodlez r sleepin'!

Trying to work out what the fuck their saying

OH FUCK TO THE YES!! Side pony tail....surprised I let my hair get this long without cutting it all off again!

This is how my brother sleeps on his recliner o.O I think hes dead...he sleeps face down....

My room is indeed trashed to my standards