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"And it was all yell-ooooo" #snp #SP11

Who typed this? Paxman!? D'oh! #newsnicht #sp11 #newsnightscot

Anyone fancy an e?!

Spent ages on a Scottish retro brand for t-shirts. Be a darling, pop over to & buy one. Thanks!

Cirrocumulus! #twomictwewief

#SkyNews caption man catches cold:

I made this. #Libya

God bless Google News! Shame it wasn't a pic of Iain Gray! #snp

Here's work in progress for a t-shirt. Too much? What do you think? Thoughts pls.

Here's a sneak peak at my latest t-shirt design: especially for you. Tweet back if you want one! Xx

!! why did u use a still of peaceful Glasgow students to illustrate costs of policing London riots! #snp

Wonder if #newsnightscot can do better than this?

There. All better. Bet they don't get Londinium wrong. Lol. #skynews

Didn't know #skynews was such a fan of Gaelic speakers with the renaming of Scotland's largest city.

Pushed 6 cars today! My street is MENTAL! #uksnow

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