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IF ONLY U.S. was truly a nation of laws! Cheney would be in prison, not demanding MORE die 4 his lies #P2

  • 23 days ago via site
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#GOP CONS always threaten 2 Go Galt! What's stopping them? Do U.S. a favor - GO! http://tinyurl.com/lejns8y #P2

  • 79 days ago via site
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#GOP Tries 2 Breathe Life into Rotting Corpse of CONservatism – & FAILS http://tinyurl.com/ptol46f #Truthseeker #P2 #tcot

  • 128 days ago via site
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Wealth Hoarding makes Democracy SICK http://tinyurl.com/lcl7hht US was founded as antidote 2 aristocracy #P2 #tcot

  • 142 days ago via site
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Nothing has changed for the GOP since Harry Truman summed them up in 1948! #P2 #tcot

  • 150 days ago via site
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GOP/Paul Ryan Will Blow Racist Dog Whistles Until It Stop Working http://tinyurl.com/ovvp8cp #tcot #P2

  • 156 days ago via site
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CONservative Jesus #p2 #truthseekers #GOP #democrat #Repug #obama #Liberal #tlot #teaparty #tcot

  • 168 days ago via site
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Regs are SO SOCIALIST! Thank #FreedomIndustires 4 the "Freedom Water!" #p2 Drink up Libertarians!

  • 217 days ago via site
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Chris Christie Caught in the Act of Being Himself: A Typical Republican http://shar.es/9MQLh #tcot #P2

  • 218 days ago via site
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Anything Good about Working Class Standard of Living Came from the Labor Movement #UnionStrong #HappyLaborDay

  • 351 days ago via site
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Clearly, has confused "I have not yet begun to fight" with "I have not yet begun to fold!" #P2

  • 596 days ago via site
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As says,"Romney is always WRONG, forget ideology, he's ALWAYS WRONG!" #SaySomethingNiceAboutObama #P2

  • 654 days ago via site
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=LIAR who'll SAY ANYTHING 2 win! UNFIT 4 COMMAND. Presidency is 2 feed ambition & line pockets #P2

  • 666 days ago via site
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Hey, Working People! Republicans Are Just Not That Into You! Don't get #Romnesia! Vote Dem! #P2 #tcot

  • 667 days ago via site
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The GOP cannot win without lies, division, & voter suppression dirty tricks. http://tinyurl.com/9fvox6k #P2 #tcot

  • 709 days ago via site
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Rally for Planned Parenthood to END GOP class war & war on women! #p2 #nyc4women #wiunion

Nothing to offer but the same old Class War, GOP trots out the war on women #nyc4women #p2 #wiunion

#RememberingReagan when he called the Taliban the "moral equivalents to America's Founding Fathers!" #P2 #topProg

  • 1289 days ago via site
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Reagan Hood! He Robbed From the Poor & Gave 2 the Rich! Reaganomics FAILED &the END of Middle Class is the PROOF

  • 1290 days ago via site
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  • 1348 days ago via site
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