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#saturdaynightprojects the magnifique Sam of newcastle: The edible landscape; The ocean floor

#saturdaynightprojects mega talent Emil of Stockholm does: sweet layers of malt, barley and juniper wood

#saturdaynightprojects the magnifique Sam of newcastle: The edible landscape; The ocean floor

To be swallowed whole

A sweet apple cooked in a earthy salt crust. Condiment of pickled elder, caviar and ever so lightly smoked bone marrow

Staff portraits: CJ of USA and James of England - also demonstrating current foreign relations

#saturdaynightprojects Tom of Surry hills smokes an eel & serves it with blood and eggs

#saturdaynightprojects Tom/UK shows his passion for irony, by stuffing an obese (by way of of grain) bird with grains.

Europe is freezing over. Tonight we'll warm our guests with hot broth & shaved octopus cooked gently in sweet butter

Today we did a new plate of food: Icecold broth of dried flowers. Silken milk curd & lots of crispy beech tree leaves

-10 celsius (14F) in Copenhagen right now. It feels much better than it looks!

Forget about your carrots.....especially near fire for around seven hours

#saturdaynightprojects our man from the midwest, Milton does dessert: Hay parfait & crazy aromatic quince

#saturdaynightprojects Matt of New York; porridge with fish roes & cured fish bellies. Dill juice!

#saturdaynightprojects Emil/Sweden: everything from a scallop; in slices, cured grated roe & sweet broth from trimmings

The team is thrilled “: best meal of my life for sure. A follow or RT? :-) all best”

Layers of beet juice & golden goat's milk, all floating atop sweet whipped cream

Treat your pigs with care and they'll be happy inside and out....

Butcher a squid. Slice it! Dice it! Pair it with citrusy pine and olive-like unripe sloeberries.

Mother nature plays tricks with us this year: ramps, onion-cress & dandelion already breaking through the winter soil