Smh Here YOU go, witcho bio reading, follower counting, picture enlarging, following & unfollowing ass...

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RT : Palm itchin, likes that!

You out here like RT : Outback was closed...FiveGuys it is...and Chilis later lol

After she walk by and you're tryna describe the booty to your homies who missed it

Why y'all bye'n me???

RT : lmaooooo what's checkling?

I can't tell you where I'm at but this is what I'm currently dealing with. Trust me, it feels like every degree

Just gonna rub it in eh? RT : I got my first care package today !!!

This was the Batman symbol for a good day in school

Just found out, these are made under your Grandma's titty. THATS why I've never seen these in stores

RT : they don't sag lmao

I feel like this is an unnecessary risk ladies. You mess around & get dragged on that asphalt, you losing a nipple ma

When your mom yells at you and tells you to STFU in front of your friends. You gotta fight back those anger tears

Your mom said you can't have company over so you called her a bitch under your breath..... And she heard you

When you were in class and you heard someone opening candy

Oh, I finally went to Pappadeuxs.. Y'all let me down. Not the food, but that bill had me looking at the waiter like

RT : *goes to take door selfie*

Look at the HURT of the $10 lion tho.

RT : This before and after picture must be MOTIVATING!!

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