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Proof that actually says nice things. :)

Devoured. How long did that take?

I'm not full anymore

If dorothy was a stripper these are the shoes she'd wear

fun with anatomy skulls during lab #mubb

Dad's 90s air jordans and my air jordans. #ohmyfamily

COOKIE MONSTAAAA from . Thanks :)


It's so sad outside... For some reason I just can't stop staring at these things though

If you propose to me with one of these I might love you forever.

Courtesy of . Yes this place actually exists in Indianapolis! #toocute

Dolphin show! :)

First time having chick-fil-a EVARRR :)


My anatomy drawing skills are just amazing... #sarcasm

We would get this number

Yup. It's just gonna be one of those venti nights

My fail attempt at drawing a skull :( #iamnotanartist

La Perla :)

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