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Minnesota Vikings Defensive Back #20. Won a Superbowl w/ the saints.. Following my dreams to the top. THE SKY IS NOT MY LIMIT!! ~$HOWTIME

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#2ndChance... and after the show on Saturday.. ~$HOWTIME

#2ndChance bout to put it down tonight... WE DO THIS!! (= ~$HOWTIME

headed to the #studio .. puttiN the final touches on everything... ready for 2morrows #performance.. (= ~$HOWTIME

the flyer for tomorrows #show.. CHECK IT OUT!! #2ndChance in the building... and ~$HOWTIME

my lil man BumpiN my #dre #headphones (= ~$HOWTIME

PlayiN with my son.. (= Always brings me joy.. ~$HOWTIME

had to grab the lil cousins for a quick pic... (= ~$HOWTIME

MAN IM BOUT TO BUY A BIKE.. this is gettiN ridiculous. SMD (SHAKIN my DREADZ) ~$HOWTIME

grocery shoppiN.RidiN up an down every aisle. i can't wait to get to THE cereal. THATS MY FAVORITE. (= ~$HOWTIME

wifey and lil man.. he's beiN nosey.. lol ~$HOWTIME

grubbiN at my favorite place in the #Palouse.. #LocoGrinz.. KOREAN BBQ BEEF.. (= ~$HOWTIME