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Minnesota Vikings Defensive Back #20. Won a Superbowl w/ the saints.. Following my dreams to the top. THE SKY IS NOT MY LIMIT!! ~$HOWTIME

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Last Seasons me vs. THIS SEASONS ME!! Been puttiN in work.. WHEELS UP, flyiN high... #AllConfidence ~$HOWTIME

EnjoyiN this cheat meal at #Joeys.. SO BOMB!!

This is what happens when it's just me and him... SMD (ShakiN my Dreadz) lol #Spoiled at 1 ~$HOWTIME

birthday gift to me..

Had a good time speaking to the kids today.. Feels good to help make a difference.. ~$HOWTIME

Makes everything that much better.. ❤ ~$HOWTIME

Space needle for dinner w/ .. Same place we got married. Just 2 great years later..

Dash playiN in his ball put.. I luv gettiN my Lil guy toys.. #DaddyTweet ~$HOWTIME

Jus whooped in a shootout on my sons basketball hoop.. REGGIE FOR THREEEEEE!!

#Minnesota weather got me and lil man all bundled up.. (= ~$HOWTIME

ShowiN my son around daddy's office.. ~$HOWTIME

here's our practice field on a beautiful Monday morniN.. lol ~$HOWTIME

Dash's first Halloween... (= ~$HOWTIME

My lil man... #FRESH!! check his 10 month old self out.. (= ~$HOWTIME

My lil man grocery shoppiN.. {#Seattle fitted of course} (= ~$HOWTIME

Daddy son love at the mall (= ~$HOWTIME

#MiamiVice.. HERE WE GO!! lol wutcha'll think.. ~$HOWTIME

Out to eat. Dash lookiN over the #menu.. lol ~$HOWTIME

I don't know what this is,, but it looks cool... lol ~$HOWTIME

Felt good to get back in our facility.. seeiN all the guys and workiN out... WE'RE BACKKKKKK!!!! ~$HOWTIME

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