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Tonight's #ReeFood is Dondakaya Fry. Didn't take too long. Smells good :D

Hehe, Vaahana Pooja done :P it's surprising how readily available & streamlined all the services are in US.

Bluetooth, navigation, lane assist (takes control of steering!), and all kinds of Latest tech stuff :D

Super nice Matar Pulao #ReeFood for a super nice day outside :D

I own this mouse. It’s great. But false advertising, It doesn’t work on IKEA desks :/

What the stupid nonsense? $20 for a SATA cable!?!!? These things are $1-$5 :|

Bought this 64GB SSD at MicroCenter. Time to install Linux and have fun! :D

I don’t, this pic looks pretty natural :D also, thanks for making time to meet me this GDC! :D

What fun! Got a chance to say hi to and as I left offices! #GDC

thought you might find this interesting: Bajakian put this in office when at Lucas Arts.

Had a super good drive back, drove down the wavy, serpentine Lombard street. GREAT view at night!

Here for the game audio network guild awards. Should be interesting :D #GDC

Always do in every game possible, finally done in real life. Behind a waterfall :P #GDC

Neverhood represent! So many of my liked games in this “Games you can frame” display :D #GDC

Woohoo :D Had a nice talk with . Felt great! Also, felt surreal to listen to voice without a device xP #GDC

Very fun environment for talks. Pleasant weather. #lostlevels #GDC

Here for #lostlevels at the Yerba Buena park. #GDC

Mind controlled Helicopter is so good. Ppl resp also have their heart at the right place with their research #GDC

Whaat? Only 1.5h since #GDC doors opened&there’s already 100s of ppl lined up for oculus Rift :/ Not Worth the wait

Yay! Got to meet too today! Inspired enough to actually write my next piece :P #GDC