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I'm honest, I can be tough and I march to the beat of my own drum. - M.M.

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What the ... ?!!


are we still on for tomorrow ? Don't forget the lighter ;)

Morning coffee with Schlagsahne :) I feel this is gonna be a good day. If not, 3andi Schlagsahne to cheer me up

Seriously? 7amam Balady at Cairo International Airport? Come on, I thought we were better than this.

This guy on Arab Idol looks like a Hyena. Remember those three lame Hyenas on Lion King ?!

Fucking protesters mewa2affin salah salem.

Lebkuchen <3 #Delicious

You know you wish you had that connection with your friend :D

Homemade potato salad :D

El balad betewla3 and I've been baking all day :D #Christmas

I just love it when a family member goes to Germany. Ahhhh #Lebkuchen #Chocolate

Why am I busting my ass off for school again ? #SchoolIsPointless

I just love the view from my balcony in the morning ! #Quiet #NoCars

Ain't he cute ?!! Hahahahahahahahahah

. Look what I found ?!! I miss you so much #SOP2nd'09

Men kotr ma el traffic bedan fi wa7ed me7ashesh a3ed f genenet el tahrir beyed7ak w beyel3ab b wara2 el shagar ya 3ein ommo #Tahrir #7ashish

I miss you :( #sweatshirt

Ya banaaaaat HELBB BLEASE !!

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