Rubber Car


A bar tangled spanner.

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Just picked up a TV soundbar and saw this kid sat watching the Olympics. No idea who he was with

Changed my uploader just for you. Can you see it now?

Oh, and a special prize for who sent me an innuendo pic. You win....

#FridayRiddleWinners: Congrats to & ! You both get a goat in a pale pink coat that also YODELS:

I think it may be well and truly iced.

Shit, only slightly better than up here

Really? I’ve had bigger nuts than this in my face.

Due to the adverse weather conditions I’m going home in these tonight

Freddo you say? I have the next best thing for you:

#FridayRiddleAnswer: deserves a prize for his long multiplication etc. His prize is a plasticine penguin:

Wherever there’s music there’s always a lookalike.

Auntie Myrtle from The Flumps has been condensed and liquidised then made into a skin moisturiser. Sad times.

I’d like to stick vinyl to my walls like this but would be unable to choose which ones to stick a staple in.

Haha, never seen one before, look:

WOWSERS. Look what we got from for an engagement present. THIS IS AMAZING, I LOVE YOU, J. X

It’s too dark. The shadow of their newly resurrected shed is blocking them out. Look to the right.

Look what I’ve had delivered to me at work! Thank you very much , you absolute star. X

We’re in Barcelona no more. However, we bought our favourite tipple from over there for a lovely reminder. Slurp.

Something extra, EXTRA special happened too. My boyfriend asked me to marry him.