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One large #bacon milkshake... For. The. Win!

You knew it was coming... Obligatory #bacon tweet:


Sign of the times.

Weekly #bacon tweet, coming atcha:

Beautiful sunrise this morning. But why am I seeing this?

Using my new #KState gym bag today, so I expect my workout to be more intense.

The dropped Ticketmaster, but somehow the convenience fees became even less convenient.

You're missing out.

All that and I didn't even end up ordering bacon. Am I going to have withdrawls now?

I always feel so grown up when I make a meal that includes vegetables.

This Groupon contest looks like you have a 50% chance of winning something. Actual odds- 1:20. $100 odds- 1:100,000

Weekly bacon tweet, paired with eggs cooked in my new skillet, all accompanied by Sinatra to start the day...

$8 at world market

Late birthday dinner with friends tonight and they gave me this. I am ridiculously excited.

Just checked the tour schedule for , who seem to be making a giant circle around Kansas City.

Ok, McDonald's this game may be just a bit of a stretch. Hash browns cover coffee?

98% chance these are more entertaining than the game.

I know you're jealous of the new purple glow at my desk. #KState

Finally got around to doing something fun with my FB Cover Photo, thanks to inspiration from by my Mom's photo.