Follow the Great Escape in real time, complete with locations, docs and pics. The Real Great Escape, by @guywalters, is published January 2013

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Stooges were POWs entrusted with watching the ferrets who patrolled the compound. Here's a shot of their instructions:

Here's a great drawing by Ley Kenyon showing the conditions underground. Notice the exhausted chap on the left!

Here's a view down Harry. Not for those scared of small spaces!

One more pic of the late Alfie Fripp. Here he is, far left with mug, consorting with 'ladies' at Stalag Luft III:

The only colour picture surviving from Stalag Luft III: The late Alfie Fripp as Launcelot Gobbo in Merchant of Venice:

Alex Cassie was one of the outstanding artists – and forgers – in the camp. Here's a lovely self portrait by him:

This great sketch from Sept 1944 by Alex Cassie shows quite how extensive the wires were around Stalag Luft III.

Here's the reference to the Li-lo in the RAF report found at the National Archives in Kew, London:

Just been sent this cracking picture of Roger Bushell in 1937. Collar up, cigarette, shotgun, insouciant & arrogant:

Here's Lindeiner's deputy, Major Gustav Simoleit. A genuinely decent sort, he was a university professor before the war

Here's a great caricature by POW Ley Kenyon of Captain Hans Pieber, the German officer who lent the POWs his camera:

Fact 4: Many of the weapons carried by the sentries at the camp did not have any ammunition! Had the POWs known that...

Here's Lieutenant Nils Fugelsang in his escape kit. I'm not entirely convinced by the natty socks.

4/4 Here's Squadron Leader James Catanach in his escape kit. The briefcase is likely to have been made from cardboard.

1/3 Here's the hand-drawn template for a pass actually produced by the Great Escape's forgery department:

Here's an eerily prophetic cartoon of the destination of Harry drawn by American POW Tom Young…

4/4 Here's a wartime aerial picture of the camp, with labels showing the location and direction of the tunnel:

2/2… but couldn't resist this lovingly cut-out pic of him found in a POW's scrapbook. "He excited the hearts". Indeed.

These pics show how war aged Bushell. One is taken just before the war, one just 5 years later..

These pics show how war aged Bushell. One is taken just before the war, one just 5 years later..

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