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The percentage who don't understand is higher than the percentage who do, so check yourself. Which percentage are you? NYM-NYK-DET IG:@realfilirican

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Plate number 2

Its a-bout ta goo down
* voice*

plate number 1

Its a-bout ta goo down
* voice*

My Dominican ass brother in law has me drinking this shit lol

Today is the first time I'm seeing my niece since she was born 3 weeks ago. She's beautiful!!

wait a min ant... you and aren't black????

forreal will how u sounding mad dumb rite now lol

yo zee we gonna scrap next time i see you

Aiiight grind time. Fuck bitches get money LOL

oh man

so we don't nuke your jihad ass that's why

8,000 tweets. Lets go.

watch what you say about that spot on twitter before you get knocked off

Whoa two dudes on one motorcycle?

damn thats kinda wild

payback for the Asian jokes. karmas a bitch aint it