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If god is a DJ than life is a dancefloor, love is the rhythm and you are the music♬♪...follow me on IG: superxtina19:)

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watching tv on my laptop can't sleep right now :'(

me and my sister back in pre-school #tbt

My Adrian is such the cutest thing... from Melissa's baby shower:)

my mom wraps my nephew's hair lmao!


Snow earlier today :)

My friendship bracelet I made which is a cobra stitch!

Haha this is #sotrue #loveit :P

My beautiful screensaver ;)

My baby pic, damn I was so cute!

Last Day of spirit week #whiteallnight #whiteallday #ukalltheway #gsn

My Nephew is a sleepy head lol so adorable! :)

Add me on SnapChat and Kik:)

White Cali uniform from last year #spiritweek Day 2

Walt Whitman High School Panorama, Pretty sucky one cause the Sun was glaring

Made my Fringe top

Hello to all my followers:)

My cute but funny collage!

My sketch looks a little springy:)

yesterday in my leopard print pajamas!