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I told our lil Lebron that I'd be back for her after you toilet trained her.

The only proof of whatever happened at on Saturday night.

Started 0-6. Made waiver moves & have won 6 in a row. If I win this week I'm in the playoffs. Call me, Disney.

As of today, the open-carry law is officially enforced in Oklahoma City! I can finally be myself.


This is the new background on my iPad.


- SO JEALOUS! This was the view from my iPad, haha ;) We'll be tuning again for M83! Have fun!

Things that are currently happening at Saturn Grill:

Haha. Just got this in the podcast email inbox. Dude claims that this is his favorite Xmas present this year:

Your move, T-Pain.

Wednesday night done right.



Someone in OKC is all aboard the bandwagon.

This was the most terrifying text I have ever read.

HEY OKC! Be a man. Come see me, , , , & tell jokes FOR FREE today: