Periodically choking on the past, and gasping for the future. But during those moments of actually breathing, I'm living in the now - D. Garrison

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With friends like these.. Lmao

This song >

She's so perf


Has anyone ever REALLY listened to the lyrics of this song (if u listened to it)? #deep

Only in a perfect world..

Oh why are u so perf


This song tho!! YASSSS . I love it!

I wanna play jenga so bad I downloaded the app. I need to buy that game ASAP!

Oh how I love this song!

All of my alarms are Go Get It by imma wake up dancing lol

Whose child is this??? Smh be parents to ur kids ppl!

#YouDontKnowStruggle until u had to eat this

I spelled his last name wrong but this is him. That baby don't look like him???

Good morning all. Wonderful song to listen to this morning. I need the motivation!

My mother think she's hilarious

Am I right? I know I am!

I'm lost. What is this???

No words smh