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two of sixteen pages are complete for my new book.

I love how rich ass holes just do what ever the fuck they want. Get your fucking car out of my space

Life is good

Doing some work in my NEW second office

My first laptop :)

A quick look at my new office in my closet :)

Wow all kinds of twitter spam #FuckSpam

Inspired Disorder can now except credit cards thanks to Square

Free books (graphic design, web design, and business) I no longer need. Hit me up if you want any

Just got my back cracked and a 2010 Charger Girls poster signed by all the Girls. Both from my chiropractor

didn't work. Just get this screen now. Has to be the video card

it let me do a fresh install but getting crazy lines but only on the window.

All I see when I try to boot up after the apple logo. Not happy right now. Not at all

About to unbox and set up my new monitors.

Home and sweaty. Red necks can dance all night long. I know, I was one tonight. I also got aroused by my sister

Bring it on. Round 2

Me and my twin. Happy Halloween

Breaking in my new TV with some UFC. The first TV I've owned in 4years

My new bad ass watch

Studio X 2 = PIC