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I am he who knows what you did last summer. And as Chairman of the Tom Foolery and Shenanagins Subcommittee I do NOT approve.

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Ah yes. Leather.

True. That $h!t has never worked for me. Ever.

It's like a sweater...

It does seem to be heading this way

Negative sir. Negative. That will NOT do.

No matter what, this is happening next Halloween, that's my word.

Man, I am dying laughing at the shade that Huffpost is throwing at Romney w/their front page


ROTFLMAO. How bad are things going when you have to call them?

~ if you understand the correlation b/wn these 2 items then you're old school

Between this & the "Most Interesting Man Alive" tweet abt stealing a bucket of KFC, I'm going to hell LOL

Hip Hop

And I'm done... LOL

LOL does Geraldo really think hoodies send the wrong message? You be the judge.

~ just for you. Shout out to the King of Pop

This looks like Edvard Munch's "The Scream"... the problem of course is that it wasn't supposed to be. #iQuit

Do these 2 look ANYTHING alike? If this is my back that tattoo better have been done in erasable ink

Maury: The baby is not yours

What kind of half done Dragonball Z tattoo is this?

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