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Astronomy,Photography,Spectroscopy, Solar White light and Hydrogen Alpha - My Flickr page: http://t.co/YhudaboJd1 2014 I Am attempting the #365 Project

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Some stunning prominences on the solar limb at present -

Phew! So out of condition: just done a 8k walk/jog/walk - must try harder! But at least the treadmill works great!

Today - last early - is a 2 bagger day! Already!

Been sorting out my project and slowly getting my head it all again! #raspi #RaspberryPi

I also use magic lantern to set the white balance for each set of pictures #gottalocemagiclantern

I use the live view EOS on the laptop for a magnified view to achieve correct focus for the shot :-)

Been out looking for some nice photogenic flowers or weeds I'm not fussy - #MacroMay #flowers

I'm in the process of sorting out my macro studio setup - indoor stuff

Setting up my portable macro light tent for today's 366 image - "what? You don't have one?"

My reading for today and this week -

No ISS passes this week :-(
So will see what Luna shots I can manage? Between all the cloud & rain that's forecast.

Looks like a poor week for star gazing? Could be cloud hopping again - grab&go equipment :-/

Going to do some Astrotrac tests tonight, and maybe some wide field spectroscopy, but will see how that goes?

Some nice active disk features today -

Up early so doing some solar in Ha

Doing some live spectroscopy