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jet set by day, drummer by night. the bar @lowtideloungecr the band @thebangkokfive Living the dream & loving its hockey season @lakings

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The busiest register in all of Esterillos...

I jogged on the beach today for the 1st time without Felix.I was very unmotivated &uninspired without ya buddy.#MissYou

Game 1.

Let's go

San Diego 3.11.11. Tsunami warning. The show must go on. Shooting performance for

Must keep busy-Must do what makes me happy. So I hopped on a plane to SF for some of this...

Sneak Peak de new ink...

Good bye virgin arm

2/22 Tuesday.

I had to rush Foo to the vet Ayer. IV drip w meds & fluids and today he is standing. Thank you Wendy! I <3 U Foo!

How to identify a Meth Lab.


My new board. My new acoustic guitar. My new dog that sleeps in my office.
Introducing "Bean"

I hear that 2/3rd America is under snow. The rest is cold & rainy.

Really? Is this really how I'm living?

An early sneak peak link too :)

If 1 girl does 16 guys 69 for 3 minutes each...
What does that make her?

Life is uncertain, but if I know one thing to be true...

Good morning tweople.

I'm safely home to Oeste... And guess what I found first day back :)
It's On like Donkey Kong!

"I ride on the bus into the city everyday. I sit on the seat and I dream myself away..."Until next time Nicaragua

Missing Patrick Swayze...

This guy from el Salvador gave me this. How did he know that I play "the drum"?
Good morning from Nicaragua.